Infrastructure and working environment usher the chief role in deciding on the quality status of the products in which company is dealing with. So it’s important to facilitate the workers with the well supportive infrastructure, as it not only render us the prime quality products, but also provide our workers with an encouraging atmosphere as well.

The machines installed in the factory are of supreme quality are examined at the regularly on the monthly basis. For facilitating our workers with the easy working, we also provide separate sections for each working such as – raw material section, wet blue section, cutting section, dying section, stitching section, finishing section, and conference room – in order to display our finished products.

We efforts down in every possible way to facilitate our workers and provide our customers with the topmost quality leather products.


First of all I would like to specify that we act firmly on our Moto – " No Employment Of Child & Safety Of Girl Child " , we totally oppose Child Labour.

Feeling our responsibility towards our society and workers, we accentuate on providing the comfortable and safe working environment to our factory workers. For us, the health of our workers matters the most and that’s why we facilitate our workers with free yearly medical check ups, emphasizing on the eyes, mouth, dental and finger checkups to ensure the healthiness of their body parts and check whether they are in the condition to work or not.

Providing our workers with the well maintained and hygienic environment is our utmost priority and for attaining this objective we facilitate them with shower facility in our premises and have separate shower rooms and towel racks.

A well supportive working conditions not only provide us with the effective results but also keep our workers away from any sort of infection or illness. Understanding this, we expedite our workers with disposable Mask and disposable Gloves – which act as protector for them and keep them away from any kind of contamination.